Conveyancing and Property Law Page

We understand that for many people the purchase of their home or an investment property will be the largest investment they will undertake in their lives. For this reason it’s essential to work with experienced lawyers who not only know the process of a conveyance but also the legal framework it operates in.

We have advised thousands of clients in the sale, purchase and leasing of properties. Our team of expert property lawyers can offer advice, negotiate and prepare documents for all forms of complex and simple property transactions.

We recognize the often short time frames involved in property transactions. The property team have up-to-the-minute online searching technologies to ensure timelines are met. Additionally we have developed close relationship with many government departments that can assist us in meeting time constraints. We also have formed efficient working relationships with real estate agents and banking/financial institutions to ensure the end result is achieved on time.

We provide advice on the following property law areas:

  • Easements, covenants and disputes over easements
  • Leasing disputes
  • Property development
  • Strata title disputes
  • Residential purchase, sale and leasing
  • Rural properties
  • Torrens title
  • Water rights – sale and leasing

Conveyancing Contacts
Andrew Doyle
Igor Kazagrandi

Lachlan Wilson