Entries by Angela Tracey

Contractual Disputes

A contractual dispute occurs when parties have conflicting interpretations over the terms of a contract and one party seeks specific performance or damages or both from the other party. It is preferable to resolve the dispute without court action wherever possible.

Disputing a Will

Have you been left out of a will? Or do you feel that a will doesn’t fairly provide for you?  If so, you may have the legal right to contest the will. Strict time limits do apply, so it’s essential to get legal advice as soon as you can.

Farm Succession Planning

Poor succession plans can be a recipe for unnecessary family friction and have the potential to undermine the viability of the family’s farming business. By making no decisions or by promising the world on a handshake, the future of the farming estate that you’ve put your life’s work into may be jeopardised.

If you get arrested

If the police say ‘You’re under arrest’ then you have to go with the police.  Stay calm and don’t argue or fight and don’t run away.  And always be polite courteous to the police and anyone else that you encounter.

Divorce – Basic Facts

If you are in the process of ending your marriage and want a divorce it is important to seek legal advice, especially if you have children and joint property. In Queensland and New South Wales, all applications for divorce must be made in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.