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Get a just and reasonable outcome in your criminal matter

Our experienced criminal lawyers in Brisbane, Sydney and Goondiwindi will ensure you get a just and reasonable outcome on your criminal matter.  This may be a ‘not guilty’ verdict, a good behaviour bond or a reduced penalty and/or sentence on a guilty plea.

At Doyle Wilson, we are completely abreast of Queensland and New South Wales criminal law processes and procedures.  This means we can fiercely and aggressively fight your charges.  Our criminal lawyers can provide representation, general advice, support and guidance with police investigations and questioning, bail applications, pleas of guilty, trials, committal hearings and appeals.

Why enlist the help of an experienced criminal lawyer?

Do not take risks when it comes to getting the best outcome for yourself and your loved ones.  An experienced criminal lawyer will increase your chances of achieving the best outcome for your matter.  It does not matter if it is a minor offence or a very serious charge; if you are being investigated, or have been arrested and need to appear in court, you need to get advice early from an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Expert advice on all Criminal Law Matters

  • drug charges
  • sex offences
  • assault and violent crime
  • youth offences
  • domestic violence
  • traffic offences
  • peace and good behaviour applications
  • dishonesty offences

    such as corruption, robbery, burglary, receiving stolen goods, fraud, stealing and shoplifting.

  • Commonwealth offences

    such as fisheries, quarantine, telecommunications, social security and tax fraud.

We are the right criminal lawyers to ‘go in to bat’ for you to get your best outcome

Whether it is a minor traffic infringement or a large complex criminal matter, we will do what it takes to find a powerful legal strategy that puts the legal system in your favour.

If you have been charged with any type of criminal offence, whether it be a simple offence or an indictable offence, a crime or misdemeanour, we can help.

Contact Doyle Wilson to discuss your criminal matter.

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