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Legal advice on estate planning, administration and litigation

Our wills and estate lawyers provide legal advice on all matters relating to estate planning, estate administration and estate litigation.  We are here to ensure your hard-earned assets and relationships are preserved well into the future.

We have an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges farmers and agribusiness owners face.  This means we can create plans for the successful transition of agribusinesses from one generation to another better than most estate planning law firms.

Estate Planning

We formulate estate plans to protect your assets in all their forms, including businesses, superannuation, property, shares and other equity.

We collaborate with your accountant and financial planner to ensure your succession plan not only protects your interests, but also minimises taxes and fees in the short and long term.

Estate plans can also incorporate who you wish to make decisions regarding your health and medical care should you become incapable of making those decisions. Or you may also wish to stipulate conditions to ensure your dependent children are properly cared for. These are just some examples of the many elements we can help you incorporate into a holistic estate plan.

Because relationships can change over time, we can design an estate plan to ensure future changes in your family structure do not affect the transition of your assets. For example, if your children marry and divorce there can be significant ramifications on how your assets are divided.

Estate Administration

Our wills and estates team can act in the administration of a deceased estate in accordance with the will. This may involve obtaining probate where it is required and transferring property, shares and other assets to beneficiaries.

Estate Litigation

Have you been left out of a will? Or do you feel that a will does not fairly provide for you?  Or do you need to defend a contested will? If so, you have found the right group of estate litigators to fight for you.

We have extensive experience in complex estate dispute matters, including challenging a will (or defending it), claims for inadequate provision in a will, arguments about the mental capacity of the testator when making a will and when the deceased person died intestate.

We have a strong focus on dispute resolution, by negotiation or mediation where appropriate.

When required, our lawyers work with specialist will dispute barristers.  This way you get a dedicated team of experts guiding and representing you throughout the entire process of resolving the question of your entitlement to an estate.

Wills and Estate Legal Services

  • contesting a will
  • defending a will
  • enduring guardianship
  • intestate estates
  • corporate, testamentary trust and superannuation advice
  • executors, trustees and beneficiaries advice
  • grants of probate
  • letters of administration
  • lodging a caveat
  • power of attorney
  • advanced health directives
  • guardianship
  • protective, educational and disability trusts
  • superannuation

families and
business operators

Integrating your vision and values into your overall succession and or estate plan is a complex process. A multidisciplinary approach is often needed for truly effective estate planning.

At Doyle Wilson, we have the ability to leverage the expertise of our other practice specialties to ensure we offer a comprehensive service.

For a law firm that understands you and your situation and
offers timely, tailored estate planning solutions that work for you, call us today.

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